First Computer in Any Canadian Arctic Classroom Was Mine! -1982 (then) Eskimo Point, NWT











I graduated from the Concurrent Teacher Education Program at Queen’s University in 1981. One of my professors had recently returned from working with Dr. Papert at M.I.T. and subsequently got me excited about the potential of putting computers in the hands of kids, something Dr. Papert advocated for in his modest, yet revolutionary book called “Mindstorms”






















I taught my Inuit students how to code using the LOGO programming that was developed by Dr. Seymour Papert and his team at the M.I.T. Media Centre.


Generations Can Connect








Generations Can Connect is a project idea that had it’s roots in an exchange in the spring of 1998 between teacher Bill Belsey and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien at the Government of Canada’s Millennium Projects kick-off event at the Museum of Civilization in Hull Québec. Mr. Belsey shared his vision of a Canadian “National Digital Youth Corps”, in effect young people using digital tools to record the thoughts, memories, stories and artefacts of the nation’s older persons. Seniors being the very living history of our time. Youth and seniors represent true “National Treasures”. Generations Can Connect is the evolution of this vision.







Bill Belsey is interviewed about the Generations CanConnect Project on The Infinite Mind radio program.