Dialux License Agreement

The calculation of illumination is the basic calculation for the design and design of the lighting. DIALux DIALux is a well-known, popular and extensive lighting computing program, with many possibilities and 3D screens of spaces. You can download the program from the DIAL website (www.dial.de). How to import Chal with IES Photometrie in DIALux and Relux We use professional software from Dialux in our work, which is able not only to calculate the illumination of the interiors, but also the illumination of the facades of outdoor buildings, parks, streets and parking lots. Dialux 4.13 is best for calculating emergency lighting, while Dialux Evo is more convenient for creating multiple variations of light scenarios and choosing the best. It is particularly practical where light patterns must be controlled according to time or situation. To achieve the desired result, the software allows you to play with the types of fixtures, the assignment and the light intensity. The program creates calculations and provides results after each combination of fixtures. The result visualizes the actual distribution of light on surfaces. The calculation of illumination is a set of works including a choice of fixtures and its efficient placement, the calculation of the power consumption of the lighting system and the management of future maintenance of the system. Illumination can be defined as the ratio of the light flow that covers an illuminated surface of the surface of that surface. . It is on this basis and on the basis of the standard requirements for indoor, outdoor and emergency lighting, the intensity of the lighting, that the required technical parameters of the lights are determined.

It is not possible to perform correct calculations of Lighitng without knowing the lighting requirements. If you are interested in a professional lighting calculation and/or lighting technique, please contact us by email and we will be happy to help you arrange on-site lighting. It should also be noted that the replacement of construction lights can give unsatisfactory results for their analogues if the watt (W) power and light current in lumens (lm) of the substituted fixtures are used without additional calculation of lighting intensity. Each manufacturer uses its own LED modules, optical parts, reflectors and diffusers to determine the distribution of the light flow of a particular fixture and, finally, the overall lighting scenario. Therefore, the technical criteria for design specifications are not sufficient for the replacement of lights and additional lighting calculations are recommended. Chalmit has developed a user-friendly program with industry-focused features to give our customers the freedom to produce their own lighting designs. This package, CHALMLITE 5, results in a simple Windows-based user interface makes it easy to use. The software is available free of charge and allows users to design highlights ranging from very simple to very complex. Check out some of our key features below. The calculations can be manual or automatic. Today, there are many types of lighting energy calculation software that significantly reduce this computational time and allow us to visualize the result (tables, diagrams, images in images of light or pseudo-colors, position of the lights).

For the calculation of PROLED fixtures in DIALux, the plug-in can be downloaded here. Select “Save this program.” You can then install it by launching the “Proled offline Plugin for DIALux.exe” file. There are many factors that characterize the end result and therefore need to be taken into account. These include the thinking factor, energy efficiency, maintenance factor, colour reproduction, glare assessment, etc. It is also important to take into account all furniture/equipment/shelves in the premises, as they can significantly influence the reflection ration of the walls and thus reduce the intensity of lighting.