Extend Applecare Agreement

AppleCare is transferable! If you sell an Apple product before the expiry of the AppleCare plan provided, the buyer will benefit from the remaining protection. If you purchase an Advanced Plan from AppleCare, and then sell the product, the remaining time will be added to AppleCare. So AppleCare can be a selling point when you unload your used devices on the secondary market! Of course, you should always read the full agreement before buying a warranty or insurance. For the iPhone, AppleCare extends your guaranteed coverage from one year to two years and extends its phone and chat support from 90 days to two full years. This is good news for those who are tired of feeling that they need to buy new devices to keep everything protected by AppleCare. Instead, you can extend your AppleCare coverage for as long as you want to keep your old iPhone and not have to worry about an accident that forces you to buy a new one. The plan extends the initial warranty from one year to three years, which covers you for defects that are not your fault. Telephone and chat support is increased from 90 days to three years. Your Apple TV is probably the last thing you`d buy an extended warranty for, but Apple would like to sell you one! Since it doesn`t cover any accidental damage, they don`t even call it AppleCare.

It`s just the AppleCare protection plan for Apple TV. The more expensive watches already include two years of limited warranty and technical support. An AppleCare plan, valued at $99, is extended by a third year. AppleCare extends an iPad`s hardware warranty from one year to two years. Technical support is extended from 90 days to two years so you can call or chat with an Apple employee for help with iOS, iCloud and Apple apps. Do you have an aging iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch with AppleCare that you want to keep covered? You can now extend your AppleCare for an indefinite period and pay monthly. Do you have an aging iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch that you want to keep using — and have you connected to AppleCare? The good news is that if you previously purchased AppleCare for your device, you can now extend this coverage indefinitely on a monthly basis when the plan ends. Here are two things to remember: Apple offers two levels of AppleCare for the Apple Watch. As they cost so much, special edition watches (Edition, Herms and ceramics) are already arriving with two years of warranty support, appleCare extends this to a third year.

AppleCare is Apple`s term for its warranty programs. Each Apple device has a number of AppleCare warranty services and free phone/chat support, usually one year for warranty and 90 days of phone support. You can pay to extend this coverage longer, which means AppleCare. Yes, Apple offers AppleCare for the iPod touch. It is $59 to extend the guarantee from one year to two, with two years of technical support. Up to two accidents per year are covered for a service fee of $29, plus taxes. When I bought Applecare for my new iMac, I was surprised to have Apple`s diagnostics run during the purchase process. I think it`s so Apple knows that the device has no errors before issuing coverage – much like a medicine when buying life insurance.

I guess this process has been in place for some time, but I don`t very often buy a new iMac, so I wonder if it will also apply to devices (iPhones, etc.) that will be covered by extended Applecare? Cheaper Apple Watches come with 90 days of technical assistance and a one-year limited warranty.