Hu Erasmus Learning Agreement

If Neptune`s course portfolio changes after January 3, final apprenticeship contracts will be issued until March 9, in accordance with Neptune`s final course portfolio, which will be added to the transcript at the end of the period. This apprenticeship agreement will then be signed by the student and his home coordinator and will also be put online in the BME database. – Candidates for the Erasmus programme: there is no need to add an additional language certificate, but your home coordinator must confirm the required level by signing your apprenticeship agreement in the SECTION BEFORE MOBILITY, in the field of language skills. Although many people in the Netherlands speak English and you don`t need it for your studies, we recommend that you learn at least some Dutch while you live in the Netherlands. This will definitely improve your experience and contribute to your enjoyable stay in the country! The Dutch are generally open and happy to help you learn. We offer different courses in Dutch for beginners. These courses focus on daily communication and knowledge of the Dutch and their culture. You will find more information when you arrive at the HU. Please note: There are a limited number of places available and make sure that Dutch is included in your apprenticeship contract if you wish to participate in a Beginner`s Dutch. The grant is paid in euros. The transfer is made 4-5 weeks after the signing of the contract. We can make transfers from the beginning of August to September, but we cannot launch transfers between the beginning of December and the end of January.

Apprenticeship contracts concluded and signed by BME after the first notification period are available by January 15. The apprenticeship agreement must include all the pedagogical components of the student at the host university (Table A) and it must also include the group of teaching components which, after completing their studies abroad, will be replaced by the sending institution (Table B).