Ntps Teacher And Educator Enterprise Agreement

(f) Class 6 teacher (CT6): a teacher with a four-year degree (or equivalent degree) with at least five years of post-training experience. The transition from CT5 to CT6 is subject to an evaluation procedure according to the following criteria: a) A teacher entitled to a travel grant. 4.3 The agreement between the employer and the individual worker must: 4.9 The right to enter into an agreement under item 4 is in addition to an agreement between an employer and an individual worker, which is included in another period of this sentence, and is not intended to affect it elsewhere. 4.5 The employer must provide a copy of the agreement to each worker and keep the agreement as a time and salary record. C.6.1 An intern who completes an internship of school age may, with the intern`s consent, receive an additional 25% for all regular hours of work instead of paid annual leave, paid personal/person leave and paid absence on public holidays, provided that, if the trainee is working on a public holiday, the legal provisions of this bonus apply. b) Level 2 Assistant (AT2): an auxiliary teacher who has a Certificate III education assistance (or equivalent) or at least four years of continuous employment with Assistant Teacher Level 1. The SWS wage determination contract refers to the document, as required by the Ministry of Social Services, which covers the worker`s production capacity and the agreed rate of wage (a) annual paid leave, can only be paid on the basis of an agreement provided for in point 18.11. A entitled teacher who engages in teaching activities in the Northern Territory is entitled to a special travel allowance, which is set by the Commissioner in accordance with the provisions of this clause. (a) during a school year in which the teacher or auxiliary teacher operates a law 43 right at the end of a half-term; The teacher in charge of a kindergarten with two or more teachers (b) When a worker voluntarily changes and the duration must be negotiated, the maximum period of two years for transfers may be waived if the employee and the principal or his delegate reach an agreement. The negotiated duration may be reduced to the time set by the director or his delegate if the transfer is no longer in the best interests of the fire and rescue services. (e) the teacher – the teacher who performs the functions of head teacher, who is in charge of a kindergarten with two or more teachers, is part of a semi-autonomous kindergarten where two or more teachers are stationed, provided that none of them are considered as head teachers; (d) A person who is employed by the employer immediately prior to the conclusion of a training agreement as an adult apprentice shall not be reduced by entering into the minimum wage by entering into the training contract, provided that he or she has been employed full-time for at least six months or, immediately before the start of the apprenticeship, as a full-time worker or twelve months as a part-time or casual worker.